Buy & Import a US Boat

Trade or Private, get free pre-purchase advice (inc. RCD Compliance) from our experienced professional team who will then manage your import project from collection to delivery to ensure your craft arrives safe, on time, on budget, and EU compliant.

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Sell & Export a US Boat

Trade or Private, get free listings advice to target European buyers, verification of EU compliance and a trusted independent partner giving the buyer the confidence to proceed.  We manage the whole boat export process, releasing you once the sale completes.

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Boat CE Marking & RCD Exemption Services

Whether buying or selling you need to be confident that your boat can meet the legal requirements for use in European (EEA) waters, as well as the costs involved.

As CE inspectors, RCD Compliance (CE Marking or RCD Exemption) remains at the core of our business.  These services apply both to buyers looking to import a boat to Europe and US boat sellers looking to attract buyers from outside the US. As independent inspectors, acting on behalf of our UK Notified Body, we inspect craft and make sure you’re aware what non-conformities exist and need to be addressed, particularly those relating to engine emissions.  Where noise emissions are an issue we also have the necessary equipment and expertise to perform the tests required.  We can even help with the standard non-conformities by providing the components needed and in some cases fitting them, along with custom AC conversions to allow the boats 110v systems to operate from a 230v AC source.

If you’re just considering a boat import / export we can help by giving you a quick heads up on the likely CE hurdles, our advice is free, just phone or email us.

Trade and Private Buyer/Seller Support

Buying or selling a recreational boat between the USA and Europe can appear a daunting prospect, but we can help. For European buyers we can help refine your selection, identify suitable craft and though inspection and trial, make sure it’s everything you expect. When it’s time to import your boat, we can arrange and manage the whole process from collection in the US to delivery in Europe or beyond, making sure certification, import taxes and duty along with registration requirements, are all included in our price. 

For US sellers, we help by confirming the boat is suitable for Europe and then provide a partner to take care of everything once the purchase has closed, giving the confidence the buyer needs to proceed from viewing details to making payment. So whether you want to import a boat or export a boat, you need look no further.