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CE Noise Emissions Testing

Noise is seldom an issue for craft fitted with engine/sterndrive combinations from the same manufacturer, assuming the sterndrive has an integral exhaust (and this is used).  This covers most engines from Mercruiser and Volvo Penta (which in reality is 80%+ of the market).

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RCD Exemption Certificate

If lucky, you may find that your (target) boat import is exempt from the requirements of the Recreational Craft Directive (RCD) and thus outside the scope of our normal CE Marking service.  This is great news, especially for older craft.  The challenge is collecting the evidence to support exemption and pu

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Boat Import & Tax

WELCOME - If you want a step by step guide to the import process, discussing everything you need to consider, then view our import guide.

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CE Marking in the USA

Reasons to be cheerful - part 1

When choosing an agent to undertake a CE marking assignment you may be presented with a wide spectrum of choice, from the opportunist boat fitter, to the surveyor doing it on the side, to the Notified Body trying to maintain impartiality and offer reasonable timescales (and prices).  Towards the latter end you will find a few professionals who, unshackled by conflicts of interest, offer the quality of the Notified Body at lower cost and faster too.  This is where the services from Gablemarine reside.

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CE Project Deliverables

CE Pack

The final CE Pack is sent to the client on receipt of full payment and will normally include:

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Boat CE Marking Project

CE Marking can be undertaken before or after boat shipping and the selection of the assessor for the CE Marking service will depend on the availability and location of suitable resource and considerations pertinent to the country of delivery. 

Before the project starts, Gablemarine will issue the client with a proposal and initial invoice.  The proposal sets out what we will do and the obligations of both Client and Gablemarine.  It also specifies the deliverables and timescales and when signed and returned by the client forms a contract for the work. 

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Buying a US boat in Europe

This section is targeted equally at buyers and sellers of imported boats.  As either, you will want evidence of CE marking and VAT payment in order to proceed with a sale.  These and proof of title.

A large number of US boats were imported from the 1990's onwards, particularly in recent years as the Dollar weakened against the Pound and Euro. 

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