Blog: February 2010

False Noise

Noise testing is required for any craft which does not have an integral exhaust (ie sterndrive) or for which previous (noise emissions) certification for similar craft doesn't exist.

Performing a noise test requires expensive sound metering equipment, a calm day and time.

We are aware that some of our competitors (especially US based) will say noise tests are not required, knowing that they are.  The reality is that these companies or individuals don't have the capability to perform noise testing and thus avoid them.

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CE - what is it?

Conformité Européenne (CE)

The CE mark is the official marking required by the European Community for products that will be sold, or put into service for the first time, anywhere in the European community. It proves to the buyer or user that a product fulfills all essential safety and environmental requirements for the product's intended use, as they are defined in the European Directives, primarily ISO Standards, but in the case of marine products, the Recreational Craft Directive as well.

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