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US Trawler Brands & Models

We're listing details of just 116 US Trawler yacht models ranging from 26' to 66' in length, built between 1970 and the present day. Prices will range from just a few tens of thousands to over a million dollars US.

To make it easier to review, we've put the details in five data sheets, grouping boats by length. You can click on the links below to download a PDF of each data sheet. We placed details of six models on each page. If you want to see if a particular yacht is covered, please check below in the Brands and Models section.

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Trawler Yachts are go...

Trawler basics

Trawler Yachts are typically slow speed (8kn cruise) full displacement cruisers suitable for long distance, economical cruising or live aboard.  Very popular in the USA, particularly in the mid-70's to the early-90's they are becoming increasingly popular internationally, due to the space / length and economy.  Smaller trawlers (30 - 36') with single engines often use only 2 gallons an hour at 7-8 knot cruise.

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Standard Import Packages

Our end-to-end import services includes a number of products and service elements, which collectively are referred to as the Standard Import Packages. 

Bronze Import Package

This includes:

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Florida Yard Services

Gablemarine has partnered with Florida based Nordic Yacht Works (NYW) to provide a full range of transport and yard services for international clients.  Based in Lantana, FL, (33462) Nordic Yacht Works operate at the yard and slip run by Murrelle Marine and have extensive workshop and secure storage capacity.

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