Blog: February 2011

DIY Guide to Import Costs (Europe)

We’re often asked to provide quotes for import/export, including CE, so here we outline the information you need to provide and the likely costs involved so that you can create your own DIY estimate.

If you've got your information together and want a full quote then please use the get a quote options on the section to the right.

Information Required

It saves time and effort if you compile the information required before asking for a quote.  Some of this you will need to get from the vendor.

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Shipping Dimensions

Most craft are shipped by RoRo (Roll on Roll off) ferry, either on a cradle or a trailer.  These are charged based on volume, with slightly different rates for trailer and cradle.

Larger (and taller) craft or sailing yachts with the rig up, are shipped as deck cargo, typically using a water-to-water service.  This service is normally charged on plan area (ie B x H) and weight.  In most cases a cradle is provided by the shipper.

For smaller craft transported in a container, the rate is per container, subject to weight limits.

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Using Ebay to market US Boats to European / International Buyers

Let’s be honest, few if any international buyers are going to bid on a boat thousands of miles away. But, like it or not, Ebay is one of ‘the’ global shop windows and whilst buying may not occur online, listing boats on Ebay will stimulate interest and enquiries.

So lets consider the key components to a successful Ebay export campaign:

Check if export is an option

We hate to start with a show stopper but there really is little point promoting a craft for export if it's simply not economic.

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