Are you invalidating your Pleasure Craft insurance?

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A large number of imported craft have come to Europe after 1998, when the Recreational Craft Directive (RCD) was first introduced.  Many of those arriving before 2006 are still either not compliant or poorly certified.  If your boat is non-compliant it is illegal to use and this may impact both your insurance cover and personal liability in the event of a claim..

If your boat is non-compliant, or has inadequate certification (essentially the same thing) then it is illegal to use or sell in the UK (and any other EEA state).  RCD compliance demonstrates that the craft meets EU requirements relating to build quality, structural integrity, stability, safety and since 2006, emissions, in a similar way to an MOT on a motor vehicle (though not repeated annually).  As owner, it is your responsibility to ensure the craft meets these requirements and is safe, as well as legal to use.

Your insurer provides cover on the basis of a number of factors, like ownership for example.  Even if not (yet) explicitly mentioned, there is an implicit assumption that your craft is fit for purpose and legal to use.

Marina FireSo what happens if the boat gets damaged, or worse still causes damage or injury.   Let’s say the other party asks for proof of RCD compliance, which you can’t supply.  Let’s say your insurer becomes aware of this too; illegal use of a non-compliant craft.

When your insurer refuses your claim what will you do?  When the insurer for the other party can’t claim from your insurer who will they pursue?

If your use of an illegal craft causes personal injury.....

Time to join the dots….

We're ready to help ensure you craft is legal and stays legal.  Call Gablemarine today for a free consultation.

Written By: Rowland Smith

Rowland Smith is a Naval Architect and founder of Gablemarine.  His industry experience includes Lloyds Register, British Shipbuilders Hydrodynamics Ltd, Cammell Lairds, BP Shipping Ltd & Conoco.  He has a degree in Naval Architecture, a Diploma in Marketing (CIM) and an MBA (Cranfield School of Management).  He has also held Director level positions in a number of technology and engineering companies, including CEproof, which provides RCD compliance software to builders. 

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