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So, you want a boat import but you’re either not sure what to look for or you just can’t find it, or frankly you just want someone to do the legwork on your behalf. We can help.

You’re doubtless aware that thousands of quality craft are available for sale in the US today. Details of many of these can be viewed on the internet through one of the numerous broker/dealer portals. So go ahead, have a look, fall in love and then….

...wonder how to address checking, buying, preparing, transporting, shipping, taxing, certifying and delivering your chosen craft. 

We break the process down into two key stages:

  • Find a boat : Find & purchase
  • Import a boat : Import (pickup to delivery) and certify

Find a boat

First, please note that Gablemarine is not allowed to get directly involved in the purchase, except in cases where the boat is not subject to CE certification (ie not being exported to Europe or CE marked by the manufacturer when new). You can find our more about why by reading the section on UKAS and independence requirements for CE inspectors.

But, we can and will both help identify suitable craft and refer you to trusted partners who can directly assist with the purchase. 

Starting from scratch, we work with you to develop and hone your requirements and help search the boat market, not just the internet portals to find craft meeting your criteria. We review these with you and check their suitability for EU boat import (if in the US).  We can prepare indicative costings for import, covering everything from collection in the US to delivery at your chosen location so that you get a good idea of what the boat would cost delivered in Europe, not just purchased in the US.

We can help recommend people to inspect/survey and verify the condition and past usage (hours and fault codes) of engines.

Import a boat

If you've found a boat and are close to closing on the deal we can provide a quote for everything between the closing and the international delivery point.  This is a natural extension to the pre-purchase support discussed above but involves considerably more commitment on your side.

We arrange for the craft to be picked up on closing and either taken to our partner yard in Florida or straight to the embarkation Port.  If the former then we can also arrange for any works (eg engine service, detailing, upholstery repairs) to be performed prior to onward transportation to Port.  This is often beneficial as getting hold of spares or imperial sized fasteners in Europe can be more challenging than in the US.

We also offer this service direct to US vendors as we find the opportunity to provide a landed price internationally often has more relevance to buyers than the initial purchase price in the US.

So, how to proceed.

If you've found a boat, tells us what and where and we'll put together some costings to allow you to determine a final price, landed.

If you've got as far as wanting a boat, but are not sure of the make and model, then we can offer advice.  Just pick up the phone and call. 

Please note that whilst others deal in just sports boats we deal with all recreational craft sail, power, displacement as well as planing so call us now to discuss your requirements.

CE Inspection & Non-conformities

Whilst we can discuss likely non-conformities, there is no guarantee that further issues may not be identified as a result of the CE inspection.  For PCA (Post Construction Assessment) it is a requirement that we physically inspect the craft, either in the US or Europe.  For some countries it is preferable to undertake the inspections prior to shipping, as this allows all the documentation to be prepared before the craft arrives in Europe.

Written By: Rowland Smith

Rowland Smith is a Naval Architect and founder of Gablemarine.  His industry experience includes Lloyds Register, British Shipbuilders Hydrodynamics Ltd, Cammell Lairds, BP Shipping Ltd & Conoco.  He has a degree in Naval Architecture, a Diploma in Marketing (CIM) and an MBA (Cranfield School of Management).  He has also held Director level positions in a number of technology and engineering companies, including CEproof, which provides RCD compliance software to builders. 

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