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CE Marking of Recreational Boats

If you’re importing a recreational craft from outside the EEA, whatever its age*, then you'll need to have the boat CE marked before you place it on the market (if selling) or in the water (if using).

Each boat must be personally inspected, on behalf of an approved EU Notified Body.  This is the law and to avoid this is a criminal offence.

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What is CE Marking and does it apply to you?

The introduction of the Recreational Craft Directive (RCD) in 1998 resulted in all craft built or imported after that date needing a CE mark and supporting documentation to demonstrate compliance.  From 2006 the process of demonstrating compliance for used craft is referred to as Post Construction Assessment (PCA), which must involve a Notified Body.  If you have a boat built or imported in the EEA since 1998 then the chances are it will need a CE mark.  Want to check?  Just call us and we'll tell you.

Is my craft exempt?

Probably not. If you think so call us and we'll tell you.  *Note that age based exemption only applies to boats designed before 1950.

When and where should CE be done?

For boats routed via the UK or Holland (Amsterdam), there is little advantage to undertaking the CE marking in the USA.  If routed though other EEA countries it’s wise to have the boat CE marked in the USA, so that the process is complete before the boat arrives. Gablemarine undertakes inspections Worldwide.

What about emissions?

Since 2006, emissions have played a significant part in boat CE marking and can represent the single greatest cost where conformity issues exist.  Generally speaking, few, if any, engines of 10 years or older are likely to meets the emissions requirements and must thus be replaced to achieve conformity.  This is particularly the case for diesel engines.  If you're looking to buy a craft for import, it clearly pays to check emissions with us before purchase.

Update - with the 'New' Directive (RCD2), 2013/53/EC the emission requirements are higher than ever and it is unlikely that any engine manufactured prior to 2008 will comply.  As is always the case the best approach is to speak to us in the first instance so that we can review existing certification.

Why Gablemarine for your project?

Gablemarine has successfully undertaken CE assessments for over 300 craft during the past ten  years, ranging from small runabouts (eg Bayliner 185) to large Trawlers and sailing craft.  We come from a background in small craft design and international certification (eg Lloyds Register) and are fully covered both in terms of professional indemnity and membership (eg Royal Institution of Naval Architects, London).

Unlike some of our competitors we look beyond the project, to ensure the client is protected for the full 10 years they remain responsible for compliance.  We provide a free archive service and believe the quality of our service and documentation to be second to none.

We are pleased to provide references as required and to provide inclusive quotes for our work which won’t stretch following completion.

Ultimately we provide a service we can be proud of and treat our clients as we would like to be treated, with respect, honesty and integrity.

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