Find, Buy & Import a US Boat

This can appear daunting.  Our goal is to make it as easy and safe as buying locally, but with improved choice, quality, specification and price.  Above all, you’ll want to be sure of what you’re buying and the final cost delivered to you, including purchase, delivery, taxes and full EU compliance, plus one contact point to keep updated.

Boat Import Quote

What do I need to import a boat from the USA?

A trusted partner who can:

  • help you make the best craft selection
  • verify craft suitability for EU import (RCD compliance)
  • verify craft condition (inspection, survey, sea trial & engine testing)
  • verify ownership (US Title, USCG registration, Bank Liens etc)
  • provide a fully costed import plan, including US charges, shipping, delivery, VAT, import duty, RCD compliance assessment and as required, correction of CE non-conformities and conversion of AC electrics (110v to 230v).
  • help ensure your money is safe prior to completion
  • project manage the whole import and provide one point of contact

We help you find the best boat for you.

We provide free advice on both what to buy and where to look.

Gablemarine staff know boats, the US market, the way that brokerage operates and the processes involved.  We also have trusted European partners, operating in the USA, who can act as your buying broker, providing ESCROW facilities to protect your money, as well as help refine your requirements, identify target boats and negotiate on your behalf.

As RCD Compliance assessors, Gablemarine can’t be directly involved in the purchase transaction, but we can provide free impartial advice on the key compliance issues such as engine emissions and stability (for Category A & B craft) as well as an overall delivered cost.

We can arrange for your target craft to be visited to ensure that you know its condition and specification (with supporting photographs) prior to purchase.  Even better we can arrange for you to visit too.

How can Gablemarine help you import a boat?

For European importers the biggest unknown is RCD compliance and this is where many companies offering import services fall down.  Gablemarine is fully authorised to undertake RCD compliance assessments (CE Marking) on behalf of HPI Verification Services (HPIvS) a UK Notified Body (No. 1521).  With over 200 successful assessments, covering sailing and powered craft across all design Categories (A-D), we are ideally placed to ensure that your import succeeds where others fail and as importantly don’t waste time starting where compliance will be a barrier.

With compliance ticked, we provide a one-stop import service, managed by one person, with a price which reflects all the charges from collection to delivery (subject only to exchange rate or client variation).

As mentioned before, after all said and done, though the detail is of passing interest the bottom line is what am I buying and how much is it delivered.  Ensuring these both meet your expectation is what drives us.

What’s the next step?

If you’re looking, then we’re happy to provide free advice either by phone or via the ask a question form.

If you’ve specific boat in mind or have made a purchase then you can request a quote to cover CE marking or Boat Import (or both) which will take you to the appropriate e-form.  Don’t worry if you don’t have all the data to hand as you can leave and return to add more data at a later stage.  The forms are comprehensive but we do need the full information to provide an accurate quote.

Most US boats are listed with brokers and it’s normal practice for brokerage commission to be split between the brokers representing the buyer and seller.  Using a buying broker in such cases is effectively 'free' for you (as otherwise the selling broker just keeps the commission) and has significant advantages (as local resource and providing ESCROW protection) so it makes sense to use one.  Note however that for this to work, it is the buying broker, working for you who has to make first contact with the selling broker.  Contact us for more details.

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