Gablemarine provides first class boat import services to clients, here are some specific case studies of different craft types that we have worked on:

Client Testimonials

As a 'private buyer' with little knowledge of importing a boat from the US to Europe, Gable Marine helped me through all the technical aspects and legal jargon. They were generous with their advice and time pre purchase, which enabled me to modify the boat in the US (cheaply) to enable the EU certification to take place smoothly. Bilge pump, and battery fittings etc. I would happily use Gable Marine again and am happy to recommend them to anyone else in need of their services.

, MacGregor 26M power sailer. Rating: 5 out of 5.

1st time import for me - Gablemarine made it work, and work brilliantly. Use them with complete confidence!

, Chaparral 285 SSi. Rating: 5 out of 5.

Gablemarine's service and knowledge made bringing a motorboat into the EU from the U.S. a smooth process.

, 1972 Bertram B31 Sports Fish. Rating: 5 out of 5.

Jeg brukte Gable Marine da jeg importerte min Bailiner 285 sommeren 2008 Det var problemfritt.

, Bayliner 285. Rating: 5 out of 5.

I would recommend Gable Marine to anyone seeking to get their boat CE marked - they provided a very high quality service and made the whole process straightforward and easy for me as the owner.

, Bayliner 185. Rating: 5 out of 5.

En litt skremmende jobb med CE merking gikk som smurt med hjelp fra Gablemarine.

. Rating: 5 out of 5.

It was a pleasure doing business with you. You were courteous and professional through out the transaction.

, 2002 Bayliner 2855 SB. Rating: 5 out of 5.

Gable Marine - 1st class - made it easy to bring my boat over from Florida to Spain and get it CE marked. I will use them again in the future.

, 2008 Glastron 225GT. Rating: 5 out of 5.

As a private importer, I checked around with a few companies offering CE and importing services. After speaking with the folks at Gablemarine, it became immediately clear that they had the experience and knowledge that I was looking for. They provided excellent advice and outstanding customer service. I would definitely recommend Gablemarine for anyone considering importing a boat to the EU!

, 2007 SeaRay 260 Sundancer. Rating: 5 out of 5.


Able Yachts were a quality builder of US cruising yachts.  A victim of recession they were taken over by Morris Yachts who still produce some of these craft today.  The Able 34 was a stretched version of the Whistler 32, both from the board of Chuck Paine.  This particular boat has undergone significant upgrading prior to our inspection in California.

Able 34


The Alpha Z 33 is a one off.  Reputably built at a cost of USD 2.1m, this 100mph craft now resides in the Riva Garage set into the cliffs of Monaco.  As well as undertaking the CE marking, Gablemarine arranged and managed the transportation of this craft from Sarasota to Monaco.  She featured as a centre spread in Playboy magazine under the title 'Want a woody'.  A very very beautiful craft built with extreme attention to detail.

AlphaZ 33
At speed
AlphaZ 33
AlphaZ 33
Switchable exhausts
Playboy photo
Dark skies
Balanced ride
Ready for action
From above
825hp, V8 power


Baha SF286 Sports Fishing (outboard) - USA


Baja boats are generally fast and well built, but perhaps not as well as Formula, Donzi and Cobalt for example.

Baja 245 Performance - US
Baja 275 Performance - UK
Baja 30 Outlaw - UK
Baja 38 Special - US


The largest US builder making craft from small bowriders through Cruisers, Sports Fish (Trophy Brand) to larger Motor Yachts.  In many ways they are the 'Ford' of the power boat world producing boats which though not BMW quality offer excellent value for money.

In many ways the Bayliner 285 is the Ford Mondeo of the seas, offering 6 berths, a good sized galley, heads and cockpit in a family friendly package at a very reasonable price.

Pre-2000 boats had a probably unfair reputation for poor build quality (the term Binliner didn't help), but this is no longer the case.  Sure, if you look behind the panels you'll find stapled trim and bare wood but these are built to a price and are never passed off as equals to much higher priced brands.  In essence you get what you pay for and for many, this is just what they want and love.

Along with SeaRay the Bayliner brand is well know in Europe with a network of Dealers.

185 - UK
Bayliner 245 - Norway
245 - NO
Bayliner 245 - Norway
245 - NO
2452 - UK
2452 - US
2556 - UK
265 - UK
2655 -US
275 - NO
285 - NO
285 - UK
285 - NO
285 - UK
2855 - NO
2855 - NO
2855 - NO
2855 - UK
288 - UK
3055 - Portugal
3055 - NO
3258 - UK


Volume manufacturer of sailing and powered craft, based in France but with additional production facilities overseas, for example in the US.  Also now owns Jeanneau, who produce a similar range.  Built to price, but offer good value and thoughtful design, as well as well laid out accommodation.  Commonly used by Charter fleets and sailing schools.  ell known in Europe and overseas.

Oceanis 361 - UK (ex BVI Charter)


Bertram were pioneers, largely responsible for the introduction of the deep V hull form in the late 1960's.  The 'Moppie' was the first of a range of offshore capable sports fish craft ranging from the 25 upwards.  Indeed the 25 was also marketed in Europe as the Riva-Bertram 25.  This B31 as it is known was a one owner boat from 1972 inspected in New Bern, MD. Following inspection and a noise test the craft was shipped to Monaco where it now lives with its proud new owner.

B31 - US (noise test)


Fast, but not well built.  Thankfully now defunct.  This demonstrates why not to buy from a small builder who buys some moulds, builds a few boats and goes bust, only for the cycle to be repeated.  Would you put a shower in the centre console filled with electrics?

33CC - IT

Boston Whaler

Quality, but expensive. Always popular for Europe due to the strong brand and high quality build.  A safe bet.

190 Outage - US
205 - US
240 Outage - NL


Mid range volume manufacturer in the US.  Perhaps a slightly more racy profile in some models (eg SSi).  Good quality fittings.

260 Signature - CY
265 SSi - IT
275 SSi - SW
330 Signature - US
285 SSi UK (for CH)

Chris Craft

The Chris Craft name has been around since their first wooden runabouts at the start of the 20th century.  Also known for their long range cruisers and motor yachts (eg Roamer series) they are now best known for their range of classically styled launches and cuddy cabin boats (Corsair) in sizes ranging from 20' (Speedster/Lancer), though 22', 25' 28' to the largest at 36'.  Most often in blue, though these, along with red fade badly in direct sunlight, especially on the angled transom.   Structurally sound, but the finishing can be hit and miss and corrosion of panels (eg dash, locker surrounds) can be a problem.  Engines are tightly packed in so access can be difficult.  Great fun though!

20 Lancer - US
22 Launch - SW
25 Launch - US
28 Corsair - US
28 Launch (tandem drives) - US
28 Corsair - US


A high quality US manufacturer.  Excellent quality and attention to detail.  Builders plaque has the name of the person responsible for the build (just like the engine builder at Aston Martin).  Mercedes territory in car terms...

232 Bowrider - P
232 Bowrider - P
240 Bowrider - UK
293 Cruiser - US


Mid-stream manufacturer of smaller sports fish boats.  Though good value in the US the shipping cost may be high relative to the purchase price.

184 CC (centre console) - UK


Mid range in terms of quality, Crownline are a brand well recognised in Europe and especially the UK.  As a result they can be a safe bet for import.  Some of the design features are a little quirky.

270 Cruiser - US
270 Cruiser - US

Cruiser Yachts

Mid/upper in quality, this is the company that now owns Rampage Yachts as well.  Well built craft, initially premium priced.  Good used buy.

3075 - US

Diesel Duck

This trawler is built like a battleship and set up for long range cruising.  Powered by a single John Deere engine (~150hp) this boat cruises at 7 knots burning just 1.7 gallons an hour and has done from Marseilles (where we inspected her) to the southern side of Italy and beyond.  Looks like a tractor but safe as houses and well equipped.

Diesel Duck 46 - F


Think Miami Vice and this is Donzi.  As well as the fast speedboats they also do a rage of sport fish and centre console boats, typically with three large outboards.  The choice of smugglers and posers these are well designed craft capable of speed though lumpy seas (unlike many).   Interior fitout is hardly luxury except on the largest but less weight means more speed.  As with similar craft, running at full speed will seriously dent your wallet in fuel costs.  You have been warned!

Inboard powered Donzi boats often have straight through exhausts which will NOT meet EU noise emissions requirements.  Some may be fitted with a switchable exhaust system (eg CORSA 'captains choice') in which case running the exhaust through the drive leg IS compliant.

32ZF - US


Mid range Canadian built cruisers.  Well built with quality fittings.  This 250 had been repowered with a Steyr MO256 diesel (instead of original Mercruiser 350 Mag MPI) as it was destined for Norway (where engines must be CE marked by the manufacturer).

250 Cruiser - US


Pontoon boats are very popular in the US, especially on fresh water lakes where their ability to carry a large crew (eg 15 people on a 20' Pontoon boat), and stable design (being a catamaran) makes them ideal as a family/party boat.  A relative few are designed for use in salt water or waves so don't assume all will work well in the sea. Some larger versions are built for commercial use (eg tour boats) and these may also have a third central float to increase load capacity.  

Almost all are outboard powered so be careful to make sure the engine(s) conform with both gas and noise emissions requirements prior to purchase.  Look for a CARB 3 star stick as a starting point and avoid all but the latest two strokes.

26 - US


I like these boats.  Very high quality, rakish looks and an emphasis on speed and fun make these a great boat.  The brand is known in Europe and well respected.  The cruisers, identified by 'PC' are spacious without being bulbous.  The sports boats, identified by 'SS' (Super Sports) don't have great accomodation but are fine for a weekend away or day trip and look great.  Ok, I'm biased, but I'd have a 330 SS anyday (if given one!)

They also produce a range of out and out speedboats to challenge the likes of Donzi, Baja, Cigarette and Fountain.

260SS - US
27PC - UK
271 Fastech - US
280SS - US
330SS - US
40PC - US

Four Winns

Mid range volume manufacturer.  Quite common in Europe so a well known brand.

210 Bowrider - E
258 Cruiser - US


Lower/mid range US manufacturer.  A well know brand historically, both in the US and Europe.  Nothing special but does what it should.

GT225 - E
249 Cruiser
GS279 - US

Grady White

High quality, mainly sports fish craft.  Excellent build and fittings quality.  ell thought out layouts make a practica boat for both use and maintenance.  A cut above many and wear well too.

300 - US (for IT)

Grand Banks

Though I've never owned one, I like the idea of a trawler.  Not only can you voyage for long distances burning relatively little fuel (eg 2-5 gph), you cantake your house with you in a package that offers loads of space and reasonable seakeeping performance.   In times where fuel prices are rising fast this has to be a better proposition than a 30knot cruiser, whilst at the same time offering materially better performance that a saling yacht (heresy I know, but a steady 8-10 knots in any direction beats 5-6 knots when favourable and 2-3 knots when tacking).

Grand banks are the daddy of trawlers having produced them since the late 1960's, first in wood and from the mid 1970's in GRP.  These are heavily built with truly excellent cabinet work.  Even after 25 years it amazes me how straight the wood is.

If trawlers are of interest you can find a lot more information elsewhere on our website including a listing of all the major brands and models.

Grand Banks have dealers in Europe and are probably the best known US Trawler brand in Europe, easily spotted from their distinctive shape.

My preference is for the 'Europa' styling which offers a larger saloon and open deck aft.  These are more rare however, but once you have one it should be relatively easy to resell.  Most US boats will have two engines.  Single engined craft are a good bet in Europe as it's one less engine to repower (as most have engines which fail emissions due to age) and makes maintenance much easier (more space in engine room).

This particular GB36 was sourced for a Norwegian client who elected to repower in the US (with an FPT engine sent over from the UK) prior to shipping to the UK and then sailing back to Norway.  You can read more details (and a cautionary tale) in our case study.

36 Classic (3 cabin) - UK (for NO)


Design based on a commercial pilot craft, this example was home finished to a high standard by the Norwegian owner.  Gablemarine undertook a noise test as well as CE.

31 - NO


Lower/mid quality, volume US manufacturer.  Tend to be a little light weight, so cheaper.  Manufacturers documentation not good.  Can be good value used.

220 - US
Milano (1980's) - UK


Probably the first to design a boat which could be a reasonable compromise between a trailer sailer and a sports cruiser.  With the engine raised and the water ballast tanks filled the boats sail reasonably well, particularly the more recent version (2002+).  Fire up the (~50hp) outboard release the water ballast to drain via the transom and you have a sports cruiser capably of 20-25knots to get you home in time for dinner.  The boats will also just about fit in a container (not on the trailer though).

Bear in mind that as a trailer sailer this is still quite a large boat to tow, especially if down winding lanes. Outboards pre-2004 are unlikely to be emissions compliant too.  There are now several other competitive offerings but less well known in Europe. 

26M - F (latest model)


Mid range US manufacturer of fast speedboats.  Like many similar brands these are lightweight craft where speed and performance are the key goals.  Build quality is good if not great.  A good boat.

XS8 - UK
Z300 - NO


Yet another mid-range US manufacturer, similar in design and quality to many others in this crowded space.

2300 SCR - NO


Mid/Upper range US volume manufacturer.  Good quality design and fittings, perhaps more stainless steel than on other mid range boats.  Generally wear well.  Range from smaller bow-riders to larger sports cruisers.  Good looking boats with a good balance of style, performance and accomodation (for cruisers).

The 245 is a good alternative to the SeaRay 240 and the Bayliner 245.

180 Edge - M
214FS - US (for E)
245 - US
262 - UK
250 - NO
290 - NO
302CR - UK
318SC - US


Narrow boats are typically placed in Design Category D or C, depending on whether they're expected to stay inland or venture around the coast.  These craft are often purchased in a semi-completed state for finishing by the customer.  In such cases it's normal for the builder to provide documents covering their part in the form of an Annex III document.  This normally covers the structure and possible the installation of engine and/or plumbing/electrical systems.

Hayes Narrowboat - UK


Small volume US manufacturer no longer in operation.  Reasonable quality but not a great import as the brand is virtually unknown in Europe.  This example was bought cheap but even so I would think twice.

33 - IT


Mid range US volume manufacture, concentrating on smaller cuddy cabin and centre console boats as well as larger sport fish boats up to 40'.  Often offer very good value as quality is better than might be expected at the price.  Brand is becoming better known outside the US so a good import prospect.  Designs are well thought out and built which is one reason why they are popular in the US.

19 CC - UK
20 Sport (centre console) - UK
23 Express (cuddy cabin) - US
23 WA (walk around) - NL
26 WA - US


These craft are expensive, but the quality of the desgn and build is without doubt well above average.  What ismpreesed me with this boat was the logical layout of all the systems which makes for easy maintenance.  Though the 2470WA was 8 years old it was in excellent condition reflecting the quality of build.  Given the choice of this against a newer boat of a lesser brand and I know which one I'd back.  You will never regret buying a Pursuit you keep.

2470WA - NL


Now part of the Cruiser Yachts group, the Rampage brand is all about coastal and offshore sports fish boats.  Not quite a Pursuit, they are well designed and built.  Solid is a good word here and for the larger models you get the impression they cleave their way through the seas using brute force, with a wake to prove it.

38 Express - US (for E)


Mid/Upper range from another volume US manufacturer.  Regal, as the name implies, are slightly better than the average.  Their range is extensive from smaller runabouts to larger cruisers.   Good value used.

2760 - UK
2860 - US
3560 - UK
3560 (noise test) - UK


Inflatable craft must satisfy additional criteria within the RCD.  In most cases boat professionaly built will conform.

Chasemarine 750 - UK


Mid range US volume manufacturer.  Range covers speedboats up to larger cruisers. My over-riding impression of the larger crusers is that they are very wide.  Whilst this makes for a large accomodation, this means they won't be great sea boats (lower deadrise leading to slamming in waves).  Lumbering giants comes to mind.   Smaller speedboats are similar to Bayliner, Larson, Crownline etc

330 Cruiser - US
246 - NO
342 - CH


Similar to Proline, a medium sized manufacture of smaller centre console and cuddy cabin boats for the sport fish market.  Good quality and great value used but watch those outboards!

218 - US


Now defunct, this was a well made boat which probably cost the small builder more than he charged the buyer.  In this case a good used buy.

26CC - IT


One of the largest US manufacturers with a range covering everything from small speedboats up to 55' plus sports and long range cruisers.  Generally regarded as slightly better than many mid-range brands, this does not prevent them from the odd lemon once in a while.  Generally though, a safe bet and probably the best known US brand in Europe.  Lots of boats in the US to choose from so a good import prospect.  As a manufacturer, the SeaRay documentation (eg owners manual) is second to none.

Popular models are the 240, 260 and 280 Sundancer with the 280 a slightly more rakish design aimed at couples more than families.  the 260/280 comes with one or two engines.

If a bow rider is required then the 240/280 Sundeck models are popular and well thought out for beach use.

180 (1990) - M
225 Weekender - UK
230 Signature - UK
240 Sundancer - NO
240 Sundancer - UK
240 Sundeck - NL
240 Sundeck - US
240 Sundancer - US
240 Sundancer - US
260 Sundancer - NO
260 Sundancer - US (for D)
260 Sundancer - US
260 Sandancer - IT
268 (1980's) - UK
270 Cruiser - NO
280 Sundancer - NL
280 Sundancer - US
280 Sundancer - NL
290 Amberjack - NL
310 Sundancer - US
320 Sundancer - IT
330 Sundancer - US
340 Sundancer - US
350 Sundancer - US
460 Sundancer - NO


Relatively small volume manufacturer focussing on fast speedboats but also offering small cruisers.  Can offer very good value used.  Relatively lightly built.

230SX - NO
250CR - NO


A Bayliner brand for sports fish boats.  They offer excellent value.

2359 - UK


Mid upper in quality and covering both speed, cruiser and sports fish craft, Wellcraft wear well and offer good value used.  Faster speed boats will suck fuel and if the have straight through exhausts will probably not meet EU noise emissions requirements so best left in the US.  The cruisers and sport fish craft though are well built and a safe bet.

2400 - UK
2600 - US
252 - US
2800 - US
290 Coastal - US
38 - D


Quality boats built in Norway so typically CE marked by the manufacturer (as was the case with this boat).  The client wanted the boat in southern France so Gablemarine arranged the transport and shipping from CT (US) to Genoa, IT, including the temporary import documentation so that the (US) owner didn't have to pay VAT on entry to Europe.

Windy 40 - US (for F)