SeaRay 240 Sundancer to Gozo, Malta

The client is English, living in Gozo, Malta.  They had done their homework and after careful consideration, wanted a Sea Ray 240.  With an initial budget of GBP 30,000 we started looking for 2002-2004 boats. Having mutually identified a number of candidates, it became clear that the clients preferred the later cockpit arrangement, introduced in 2005 for the 2006 model year.  Fortunately, the budget rose too to a healthy 40k plus.

A number of 2006 MY boats were considered, several in easier Florida locations, but most of these whilst good on paper, lacked the wow factor sought by the client.  Wow, in this case meant not white, well optioned and a little different.  Try as we may, that boat was found located up North, some 650 miles from the nearest Port, Baltimore.  This made using our normal inspector problematic and further, as this was a dealer, not brokerage sale. there would not be any commission to split to help pay for a long trip.  Lantana was out on this one.  To make matters more complicated the dealer was not interested in offers, they'd already turned down some offers pretty close to the asking price.

Undeterred, the client said go and so we arranged for an independent surveyor to both inspect the boat and oversee an engine/drive check, including compression tests and reading the ECU to verify hours and past faults.  The surveyors report was favourable and on this basis the deal was done direct between the dealer and the client, although in representing the client we had managed to negotiate the inclusion of a valet (detailing in US speak) and shrink wrap.  The Dealer has agreed to arrange road transport to the Port on the boats trailer (included in sale).

We then booked the shipping, arranged the sea insurance cover and recommended an insurer who would cover the craft from closing the deal though to use in Gozo.

The boat was duly delivered to Port and shipped to the UK.  UK you ask?  This was for two reasons.  Firstly the client preferred to have the VAT and duty paid in the UK (then 17.5% VAT) and secondly, the client wanted Gablemarine to undertake the CE marking, rectification of non-conformities and a full AC power conversion, prior to sending the boat onward to Gozo.

The ship eventually arrived in Southampton the week before Christmas 2010, some five days late.  This left us a window of less than a week before the craft was due to ship out to Malta.  As this was from a different dock we arranged for our transporter to take the craft to their secure yard, conveniently located between the two docks.  This also gave us access to 230v AC mains power which helped.

We then spent two days undertaking the CE assessment and then fitting the parts need to achieve compliance as well as installing a 230v AC transformer and panel board (Package AC2) (see photos below). This included fitting a double 230v AC socket with RCD in the locker under the cockpit helm position and a single 230v AC socket with RCD protection behind the galley in the cabin.  Both are powered by a separate 10A breaker on the new 230v AC panel board.

A manual bilge pump was fitted in the cockpit and non-return valves added to the bilge pump hoses and shower sump.  Fortunately all went well.

The shrink wrap was then placed back in position and secured ready for the next stage of the journey to Malta.

The craft arrived in Malta mid-January.  Customs did take their time but eventually the craft was released and could be towed away by it's happy owner.

Once the boat arrived in Malta and with help from Gablemarine, the client purchased a fresh water cooling kit from the US which was subsequently fitted prior to launch.  This is a sensible move as the boat has not previously been used in salt water. 

What made this boat special?  Firstly, the colour, a rather nice beige/grey.  Even the trailer was colour coded.  Secondly, this boat had the upgraded engine, a Mercruiser 350 Mag MPI (300hp) rather than the standard 5.0l MPI (260 hp). Thirdly, the options. - this was a very well specified boat which interestingly excluded the cooker, good news as the butane cookers fitted to this model are not compliant with EU requirements and so normally have to be removed!  Fourthly, usage - this was a low hours boat that had only been used in Fresh Water.  It did have bottom paint, but as a precaution and given the condition, we doubt the boat had every been left in the water.  Lastly, condition - when we saw the boat in Southampton it could have been a Dealer leftover, ie a boat which had never been used, it was that clean.  Even the transom lockers were spotless.  This boat really was perfect and another happy client too....  That's good business.

Here's some more pictures...

USA - At the Dealer

On the Dealers lot - stbd side Port side
Clean drive - no corrosion as never left in water Bow on
Helm position Cockpit looking aft - note wet bar and carpets
Galley to port, note no cooker by sink Heads, fitted with upgraded Vacuflush toilet

UK - Having Non-conformities addressed and AC Power conversion (AC2)

Non-return valve (Whale, RHS) to ER bilge pump outlet hose.  To LHS is T piece to attach discharge hose from manual pump newly fitted. Whale Smartbail manual bilge pump between wet bar and aft cockpit seat on stbd side
Cabin panelling removed to expose cabling between cabin and ER space.  Shows area above aft berths to port. Hole cut in panel for new 230v AC panel board (shown hanging).  Holes are precision cut with templates to ensure a perfect fit.
New 230v AC panel board in place and live.  Main breaker is for Transformer whilst lower 10A breaker is for twin 230v AC socket circuits. Double 230v AC sockets, RCD protected and in a weatherproof box, positioned in locker under helm seat (by DC main battery isolator)
Single 230v AC socket, RCD protected, in open locker behind galley. Custom 230/110v AC Isolating Transformer positioned in the ER space to stbd of engine, inboard of holding tank/vacuflush unit.  Note that cables are routed within protective conduit throughout ER space.

Malta / Gozo - Arrival and Preparation

First touch for new owner at arrival port in Malta Awaiting customs clearance
Arrival at the marina yard Shrink wrap reveals her beauty
Approval from the mechanic Looking smart with cockpit cover on (purchase also included full camping canvas)


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