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Selling overseas can appear daunting.  Our goal is to make it as easy and safe as a local sale. We encourage the use of US based buying brokers too and as the seller or selling broker, your involvement ends with completion and payment, just like a domestic sale. To the prospective buyer we provide the confidence to proceed to purchase, by confirming the boats suitability for European import, providing a delivered cost including taxes, import duty and compliance costs then managing a full collection to delivery service. US to EU.

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We work with all types of recreational craft

Whether sail or power, we work with all recreational craft from 8'3" (2.5m) to 78'9" (24m).

Check your boats are suitable for export to Europe

Europe differs from Australia and other non-EU export destinations due to a requirement to comply with EU legislation known as the Recreational Craft Directive (RCD).  Compliance is demonstrated by a process commonly referred to as CE marking, or more specifically for used boats, Post Construction Assessment (PCA).  PCA covers over 30 ISO standards but the most important of these relates to engine emissions, both for gas and noise.

It’s pointless marketing a boat to Europe if compliance will be an issue, but equally important to communicate a lack of compliance issues, to attract European buyers.

To export a boat to Europe you need:

  • Proof of ownership (eg Title) and evidence that any liens are (or can be) clear
  • Confidence that RCD compliance can be addressed and that known issues have been communicated to buyers
  • Confidence in your export partner

Other than the last two it’s the same as a domestic sale.

Gablemarine can help you market & sell your boat

European buyers want US boats.  The US market offers more choice, higher specifications and even today a competitive price.  Te issue is giving confidence to you as the seller and the European buyer that a trans-atlantic purchase can be just as easy as one down the street.

So, how do you attract European buyers?

  • Be clear about whether your boat is suitable and demonstrate a willingness to export to Europe.  Gablemarine provides a free service to US sellers to verify whether compliance is likely to be an issue.  Where no obvious or significant issues exist we can provide our ‘Verified by Gablemarine’ image, which can be included in your advert along with a link to our website.  Seeing this, tells EU buyers that you are aware of the RCD and are willing to export.  Use these links to find out more about CE Marking and our ‘Verified By’ services.
  • Reassure the buyer that you can assist with an export: You can refer the buyer to us, either by references in your advert or by including our banner within the HTML.  For trade sellers you can also join our affiliate scheme and share in the rewards of a successful partnership.
  • Provide an indicative ‘delivered’ cost to a typical EU discharge port:  Gablemarine can prepare an indicative quote, linked to your asking price to a typical EU Port for example Southampton, UK or Bremerhaven, Germany.  This gives a ball-park figure for the buyer to consider.
  • Look at Europe specific sales channels to promote your craft: Though many of the larger brokerage sites are global in scope, several exist targeting specific countries or regions.  Gablemarine can help identify these channels and assist with building propositions to target EU buyers and/or joint brokerage opportunities with European brokers. 

Gablemarine is an experienced, trusted partner

Gablemarine was founded by Rowland Smith, a Naval Architect, keen yachtsman and general ‘boaty’ person.  With over 20 years varied experience as well as membership of a number of professional associations, he is well placed to oversee the operations and services which Gablemarine provides.  From it’s origins in CE consultancy Gablemarine has emerged as both a leader in RCD compliance and a trusted import/export partner.  With over 200 boats successfully assessed to date, we have the knowledge and experience to deliver on our promises and thus provide confidence to both buyers and sellers alike.  Whether a Playboy centrefold boat bound for Monaco (Alpha Z33), a basic runabout (Bayliner 185), a Motor Trawler (Grand Banks 36) or traditional sailing yacht (Able 34), Gablemarine delivers, on time, on budget and as promised…

Gablemarine is the trading name of GableCom Ltd, a Limited Company, registered in the UK.

Let's get started

If a private seller then either call on our US number (charged as US local call but redirects to UK office, so call in the morning US time please) or complete our CE Quote form (as this includes the same information we need to make our pre-sales assessment).

If a selling broker or dealer why not call in the first instance to discuss how we can support your business and hare the rewards of a successful partnership.

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